How it works

Donay provides free incentify integrations for most used issue tracking systems, such as JIRA.
The incentify service enables users to place incentives and empowers developers to earn incentives.

Place incentives


Earn incentives

Once incentify is running on your issue tracking system, you have several options to earn incentives.
Incentives can be placed by users, or you can ask them directly for incentives. To do so, you first need to sign up for Donay as developer.
  • As developer, or project lead you are notified by email when an incentive is placed on an assigned issue.
  • It's up to you whether you start working on an incentivized issue.
  • Once resolved, the incentive amount is released to your account after an uninterrupted resolved issue status of at least 10 days.
  • In case of incentive expiration, the money returns to the incentive provider(s).
  • Upon incentive release, you will be asked if you would like to share the incentive with other developers or patch providers. We encourage sharing, but leave the decision to you.

Additional information
  • Donay trust: In order to separate incentive related funds from our business activities and maximize security, all funds are collected and kept by the Donay Stichting.
  • Secure account: Donay Stichting takes care of all incentives and places them in a secure account. This means nothing can be changed until release or expiration.
  • Multiples: There is no limitation to the number of incentives placed on a specific issue. So, it is helpful when you ask others also to place incentives.
  • Identity: In all cases, we will not make your identity known to the receiver(s) of the incentive.
  • Expiration or cancel incentive: In this case, the incentive returns to your Donay account to be used later on.
  • Issue status: In different issue tracking systems, the "resolved" status meaning can vary. Our systems define "resolved" as closed-fixed or closed-implemented. All other statuses do not result in a release of the incentive.
  • Service fee: Donay will take a small fee of each incentive, see fees for exact percentage.
Still have questions? Take a look at help, or contact us